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Trick-or-Treat Tea Trio

  • Trick-or-Treat! We're here to give you something good to eat! Well, to drink. Celebrate the season with a trio of our favorite spooky inspired tea blends! Every bundle includes a small jar of each blend, and saves you money when bought together as a special treat!



    Bold, juicy black currant infused black tea blended with fruity strawberry leaf, soothing passionflower, and subtly sweet blue cornflower.


    This blend is as special as its namesake. Vesper stands for Vespertilionidae. More commonly known as "evening bats" or "vesper bats". Vesper is the largest family of bats, with over 400 different species. This family includes some of our absolute favorite species of bats, from brown long-eared bats to painted bats!



    Inspired by one of our favorite films here at Enchant, Halloween!


    Creamy, vanilla infused and warm pumpkin pie spice coated assam black teas come together to create the base of this delectable blend. Spicy clove mingles with notes of cinnamon, ginger, allspice, cardamom, and nutmeg. While sweet elder flowers and candied ginger round out this perfect fall addition! A warm teacup full of Haddonfield conjures up visions of fog, streetlights, and carved pumpkins glowing on Halloween night!



    Rich blackberry infused black tea blended with sweet sage. A deep, fruity, and delicious blend. Leaves you dreaming of dark, 18th century castles.

  • See individual listings for detailed ingredients.

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