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Matcha Baby Set

  • Each set includes a matcha whisk (chasen), a matcha scoop (chashaku), and a tea spoon. These tools are essential to prepare the perfect full-bodied cup of matcha with a delectable thin layer of froth.


    Every matcha scoop is crafted with a single piece of bamboo, and the delicate tea whisk is made with equally spaced prongs that give you uniform infusion and aeration of the tea, yielding its signature froth and smooth blend. While the tea spoon is perfect to mix the tea when the powder settles down.


    *Each set is crafted from premium-quality, organic bamboo that is free from dangerous chemicals and coatings. 

  • If "With Matcha" is selected we'll include our Sample size Matcha Baby which makes 2-4 cups depending on desired strength and use.

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