• Amber Huckaby

Salted Cream Royal Earl Grey Latte

Royal Earl Grey Iced Tea

2 tsp of Enchant's Royal Earl Grey tea blend (or blend of your choice)

Loose leaf tea infuser/disposable steeping bags

1/4 cup hot water

1/2 cup cold water

Salted Cream

Milk Frother

1/4 cup heavy cream

1 Tbs cane sugar

1/8 tsp salt


1. Steep 2 tsp of Royal Earl Grey tea in 1/4 cup hot water for 5 minutes.

2. Remove infuser and fill tea with 1/2 cup cold water. Set aside.

3. Lightly whip together heavy cream, sugar, and salt until it thickens but before it forms peaks.

4. Fill a glass with ice, pour the tea almost to the top, leaving room for the cream topping.

5. Fill to the top with salted cream froth.

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